I really, really, really hate using graphical interfaces through any sort of remote desktop solution (unless we’re talking about Stadia which is the bee’s knees). I don’t like laggy cursors, slow-to-load windows, and the fact that IDEs will often break when you try to open them remotely on Ubuntu. So, we have ssh.

To test it through Once you’re on the same VPN as the machine you’re logging into, you can open up a terminal on your local machine, and type:

ssh your-user-name@host-ip

where your user name is what you use to log into the host, and the host-ip is the local IP address of the machine. This will look something like jackfrost@ (SSH works natively in Ubuntu, but you might need to configure ssh on your local machine. Or, just skip to the next step). If this works, it’ll ask you for a password, and voila, you’re logged into the remote machine through the terminal. Now close the terminal and open Visual Studio.

This part is super simple. All you need to do is download and install this extension for VScode. Once you do, open the command palette, (Ctrl/Command+Shift+P), and type in “ssh” (without the quotes). Select “Connect to Host” and type the same username@host-ip combo you did earlier.

Now, you’re running VScode on your local machine, but accessing the files and terminal from your host! YAY!